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Data Mining

Data Mining is about explaining the past and predicting the future by means of data analysis.  Data mining is a multi-disciplinary field which combines statistics, machine learning, artificial intelligence and database technology. The value of data mining applications is often estimated to be very high. Many businesses have stored large amounts of data over years of operation, and data mining is able to extract very valuable knowledge from this data. The businesses are then able to leverage the extracted knowledge into more clients, more sales, and greater profits. This is also true in the engineering and medical fields.

The science of collecting, classifying, summarizing, organizing, analyzing, and interpreting data.
Artificial Intelligence
The study of computer algorithms dealing with the simulation of intelligent behaviors in order to perform those activities that are normally thought to require intelligence.
Machine Learning
The study of computer algorithms to learn in order to improve automatically through experience.
The science and technology of collecting, storing and managing data so users can retrieve, add, update or remove such data.
Data warehousing
The science and technology of collecting, storing and managing data with advanced multi-dimensional reporting services in support of the decision making processes.